Movies Watched



  1. BRAIN OF BLOOD (1971) Dir. Al Adamson, Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Good Delectable disaster of a drive-in movie…imagine The Thing with Two Heads but with only enough budget for one head.
  2. CIRCLE OF IRON (1978) Dir. Richard Moore, Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Good Bruce Lee penned kung fu quest flick with David Carradine. Still good, but definitely doesn’t live up to the hype of the memories I have from watching it a hundred times on HBO as a kid.
  3. DEAD MAN’S LINE (2018) Dir. Alan Berry, Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Very good This blew me away. Nate’s review should include a MUST SEE! banner at the top. I never knew anything about this event. Great doc pieced together from old news footage, etc. MUST SEE!
  4. GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW (1959) Dir. William Hole, Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Excellent! Subculture exploitation flick that falls somewhere between those Kurt Russell Disney movies and The Munsters. Lot’s of hip 50s lingo and slapstick. This had to be the inspiration for those Happy Days Halloween episodes. I really loved this.
  5. HORROR HOSPITAL (1973) Dir. Antony Balch, Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Good! While trying way too hard to be campy, Balch squanders some otherwise good performances. Vanessa Shaw kept me tuned in until the end, though.
  6. THE IRISHMAN (2018) Dir. Martin Scorsese, Format: DCP, Quality: Perfect Definitely not Scorsese’s best, but it was a masterpiece compared to most crap out there. They should seriously consider editing out Steve van Zandt’s cameo as Jerry Vale, though…brutal. Even more distracting than the CGI could be at times.
  7. PULP FICTION (1994) Dir. Quentin Tarantino, Format: 35mm, Print Quality: Excellent Saw this with Matt at Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema for its 25th Anniversary…one of the many perks of living in SoCal. Still one of the greatest films ever. Matt and I left wondering if we were the only fogeys in the theater old enough to have seen it when it first screened.
  8. VAN NUYS BOULEVARD (1979) Dir. William Sachs, Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Very Good Another surprisingly good subculture exploitation flick, though cool cars, vans, arcade scenes, and lots of nudity might have skewed my assessment.


  1. BAD DAY FOR THE CUT (2017) Loved this, see my review
  2. THE ADDAMS FAMILY (2019) Took my daughter and a friend to see this.  They loved it, I loved their Halloween candy.
  3. DEATH HOUSE (2017) Not good.
  4. KILLING SPREE (1987)
  5. GROTESQUE (1988)
  6. DEAD MAN’S LINE (2018)
  7. ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN (1975) Saw this in the theater as a kid.  Was fun to re-watch on Disney
  9. TIN STAR -series 1 & 2- (2018-2019) This is a waste of time.  See my review.
  10. BRIMSTONE (2017) Amazing film!!  A must see.  Don’t sleep on this
  11. BFG (2016) Probably one of the best movies my daughter loves to watch
  12. STEEL TOES (2007) Skinhead flick
  13. HIGH LIFE (2018) Loved this current sci-fi flick
  14. THE DEVIL NEXT DOOR -mini series- (2019) Great Netflix series
  15. T-34 (2018) WWII flick
  16. STAR WARS (1977) My daughters first viewing of this
  17. THE IRISHMAN (2019) This is very long…too long
  18. JACK RYAN -season 2- (2019) I loved this up until the last two episodes



  1. THE LAST HORROR FILM (1982) Pretty good. If you like Maniac you’ll maybe like this.
  2. DEAD PIT (1987) Masterpiece, see my review on the site
  3. SLUGS (1987) This was surprisingly great.  I would watch this again for the gore.
  4. BLOOD RAGE (1987) Watch this now!
  5. MONSTER SQUAD (1987) wanted to watch this with my 8 year old but the kids at the beginning of the film bullying a kid and repeatedly calling him a faggot had me acting like an adult.
  6. 31 aka THIRTY ONE (2016) I want to like Rob Zombie films but this like most of them really sucked.
  7. HORNS (2014) Terrible, don’t waste your time.  I wasted mine for you.
  8. JASON TAKES MANHATTAN (1989) This is hilarious.  I mean Jason walking around the city and not being noticed.  Best part of the film is Daryl from the band Citizens Arrest playing a skinhead.
  9. ELI (2019) 
  10. HAPPY HUNTING  (2017) See my review
  11. THE POWER (2016) Would not watch again.  I found this to be boring as hell.
  12. EL CAMINO (2019) This is the sequel to Breaking Bad.  It was awesome.
  13. SAVAGE DOG (2017) Scott Adkins with his violence
  14. THE DEBT COLLECTOR (2018) Violence…
  15. BOYKA UNDISPUTED 4 (2017) More Violence…
  16. MACON COUNTY LINE (1974) A true 70’s Masterpiece.
  17. AVENGEMENT (2019) This is so bad assed.  Another cool Scott Adkins flick with more violence then anyone needs (‘cept me).  Check my review.
  18. KING OF ARCADES (2014) Cool documentary about a cool dude who obsesses over video games in New Jersey.
  19. H.U.D. (1984) If you haven’t seen this and like horror you pose hard.  This was like the 10th time I’ve watched it.
  20. EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (2019) This doc was made about D&D artists.  Very interesting if you like D&D.
  21. SKIN (2019) A skinhead movie about a nazi skin who falls in love and leaves the hate behind.  I liked it.
  22. 10 TO MIDNIGHT (1983) Charles Bronson doing what Chuck does best.  I’ve watched this more times then I know.
  23. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN (2012) Devon recommended this to me.  Super creepy and well done.
  24. STIV NO COMPROMISE NO REGRETS (2019) A great doc about Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys
  25. MARCH OF THE PENGUINS (2005) What can I say, sometimes my daughter wins
  26. THE DOORMAN (1999) More violence
  27. THE CAPTIVE (2014) blah..
  28. CAST AWAY (2000) A Classic that my 8 year old even found interesting. I’ve seen this a few times. It’s great.
  29. SWEET VIRGINIA (2017) Loved this
  30. POSSUM (2018) Terrible modern horror flick, don’t waste your time.
  31. BUSHWICK (2017) Cool action flick.
  32. DOMINO (2005) 
  33. HITLER’S CIRCLE OF EVIL (series)
  34. WITCHMAKER (1969) Such a cool title but this bored me to death.
  35. TIM BURTON’S CORPSE BRIDE (2005) Super fun to watch for Halloween with the kids.
  36. NEVER GROW OLD (2019) Modern Western… pretty ok.


  1. RECORD CITY (1977) Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Good I can’t imagine this was funny in 1977 either, but anything is possible.
  2. PAUL LYNDE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (1976) Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Surprisingly good! Classic…TV was still an innocent place in 1976.
  3. MACON COUNTY LINE (1974) Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Very Good Surprisingly decent with a fun to spot cast of former and future obscure stars.
  4. MEDIAS RES (2019) Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Excellent Made it through about 20 minutes of this. Not good.
  5. EL MARGINAL (2019) TV Series, Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Excellent Loved the first two seasons of this prison drama from Argentina, but season 3 has been a bit of a slog. I’m through episode 5.
  6. EL CAMINO (2019) Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Excellent After a perfect series finale, this is strictly a “nice to have”, but it was quite excellent and did leave me longing for more Breaking Bad episodes I’ll never get.
  7. AVENGEMENT (2019) Format: Streaming, Transfer Quality: Excellent A film that strips all of the artsy stuff that makes Refn’s Bronson such a classic, but still manages to work somehow. Just violence for violence’s sake. Would love to have seen this in the theater.
  8. CRITTERS (1986) Format: 35mm, Print Quality: Excellent! Kid saves the day family fun time horror that’s very well done. Will watch again!
  9. HALLOWEEN II (1981) Format: 35mm, Print Quality: Excellent! Weaker than I or III, but still great. Donald Pleasence steals the show, as usual.
  10. BUTCHER, BAKER, NIGHTMARE MAKER aka NIGHT WARNING (1981)  Format: 35mm, Print Quality: Low, but watchable New favorite film. Neither of these titles makes any sense, but that doesn’t detract from this being one of the greatest movies of all time. Jimmy McNichol and Susan Tyrrell share the screen…keep an eye out for full review soon.
  11. LISA AND THE DEVIL (1973) Format: DCP, Print Quality: Top-notch Savalas is always the coolest and his ad-libbing in this ensures repeated viewings. Mario Bava classic!
  12. RUBY (1977) Format: 35mm, Print Quality: Close to unwatchable Absolutely terrible print of a terrible movie, but I still loved it. I’m a sucker for drive-ins.
  13. DEMONOID: MESSENGER OF DEATH (1980) Format: 35mm, Print Quality: OK Would have loved this if I didn’t have to get some sleep at some point during the all-night Horrorthon at the Aero.
  14. THE CRAZIES (1973) Format: 35mm, Print Quality: Nice! Was this actually even longer than I remembered? Maybe I was just dead tired…not the best film to fire up at 7am after an all-night binge, but still a classic.


  1. ZARDOZ (1974) Director: John Boorman  Science fiction films in the 1970s were amazing. This is one of the best. Definitely my favorite of the genre.
  2. MOOCH GOES TO HOLLYWOOD (1971) Director: Richard Erdman @ the Egyptian for Beyond Fest Ummm…
  3. THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE (aka Let Sleeping Corpses Lie; aka Don’t Open the Window; aka No Profaner el Sueño de los Muertos) (1974) Director: Jorge Grau @ the Egyptian for Beyond Fest  Underrated zombie film that came out a few years before Dawn of the Dead. The soundtrack from Giuliano Sorgini is excellent. Get it! “Satan’s all the rage these days!”
  4. MACON COUNTY LINE (1974) Director: Richard Compton Great drive-in kind of movie. Two friends from Chicago run afoul of a vengeful redneck sherrif. Better than you may think.
  5. HALLOWEEN III: The Season of the Witch (1982) Director: Tommy Lee Wallace @ the Egyptian for Beyond Fest Hated this movie when it first came out. Took me close to thirty years to see it’s actually not that bad, and I wish Carpenter would have been allowed to continue on with his original intent, instead of what came after. Also, the Alan Howarth soundtrack is primo.
  6. NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (1986) Director: Fred Dekker @the Egyptian for Beyond Fest If you were there for the Q&A with Tom Atkins you know it was legendary. If you weren’t, you missed out.
  7. THE FOG (1980) Director: John Carpenter One of my all-time favorite movies. Some may complain there’s no gore, but who cares. This is a great ghost story with atmosphere. And that soundtrack is excellent too. There are times where I watch this movie at least twice a month.
  8. ONE DARK NIGHT (1982) Director: Tom McLoughlin
  9. SOMETIMES AUNT MARTHA DOES DREADFUL THINGS (1971) Director: Thomas Casey So much going on with this bizarre movie. It’s becoming a favorite of mine. It’s worth a few viewings, despite what you might think on first pass.
  10. MANIAC! (1980) Director: William Lustig, Cinematography: Robert Lindsay Slasher masterpiece!
  11. ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST (1980) Director: Marino Girolami (as Frank Martin) Gory ridiculous, and great.
  12. 3 FROM HELL (2019) Director: Rob Zombie The Devil’s Rejects is one of my favorite movies, ever. I was looking forward to this one, but… Bill Moseley is great, as expected, but the movie just isn’t that good.
  13. DOLEMITE (1975) Director: D’Urville Martin Classic! And the sound quality is improved over those VHS copies from years back.
  14. THE SILENT SCREAM (1979) Director: Denny Harris I liked this horror a lot more about ten years ago. Killer living in the house, spying on the boarders, but it doesn’t seem to hold up. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for it?
  15. THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE (1976) Director: Nicolas Gessner I remember this as a late night UHF staple. As a teenager it kind of bored me. As an adult I think this movie is great.
  16. CRITTERS (1986) Director Stephen Herek @ Aero Horrorthon Not bad, but this reminded me why I started to go see less horror/sci fi movies in the mid to late 1980s.
  17. HALLOWEEN II (1981) Director: Rick Rosenthal @ Aero Horrorthon Not great, not terrible. It’s okay, and works well for a horrothon.
  18. RUBY (1977) Director: Curtis Harrington @ Aero Horrorthon Carrie White’s mom is in this. A okay cash in on The Exorcist.
  19. LISA AND THE DEVIL (1973) Director: Mario Bava @ Aero Horrorthon It was around this movie that my mind started to drift in and out.
  20. BUTCHER, BAKER, NIGHTMARE MAKER (aka Night Warning) (1981) Director: William Asher @ Aero Horrorthon Once you see this movie you will never forget it, and sometimes wonder how did you ever survive this long without seeing it. I watched this at the New Beverly a couple years back, and it blew me away. Instant fan.
  21. DEMONOID (1980) Director: Alfredo Zacarias @ Aero Horrorthon It has footage of Inglewood.
  22. THE CRAZIES (1973) Director: George A. Romero, @ Aero Horrorthon Great film to end a great installment of the Horrorthon. Best night of the year!
  23. THE BOOGENS (1981) Director: James L. Conway @ the New Beverly A monster movie when the slasher era was burning hot.
  24. SLITHIS (1978) Director: Stephen Traxler @ the New Beverly This movie is a dog, but it has it’s charms. Can’t help but be reminded of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. You get to see Venice, Marina Del Rey, and Pali High from the 1970s.
  25. THE DEADLY SPAWN (1983) Director: DouglasMcKeown @ the New Beverly For a low budget film the special effects are pretty good. Finally saw this on the big screen.
  26. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTERS? (aka La Polizia Chiede Aiuto) (1974) Director: Massimo Dallamano Far better than I was anticipating. Giallo can be a slow and sleepy genre, but this one is anything but.


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