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Record Review: UNITED MUTATION • Dark Self Image LP


Radio Raheem– RADIO-028


United Mutation_1

This was a great surprise and a killer mail day for me indeed… 

A surprise because I guess I really haven’t listened to enough of United Mutation in my life. I say that because I don’t recall it sounding this fucking awesome. The vocals are pretty extreme and brutal especially for the time period. If you played this for me in 1982 I’d not have been ready for it yet, and it would have blown my mind in the same way Hellhammer did upon first listen. Its obvious to me that Pushead was a big fan of these guys because I hear a lot of Septic Death’s sound in this stuff. I also hear the influence they might have had on Japan’s Zouo here and there as well. For those that don’t know UM were a Northern Virginia band who started off being called DSI (Dark Self Image). They later used that name for their record label DSI records.  

All this stuff was recorded between 1982-1983 and collects their 1982 demo tape, plus the Fugitive Family 7”, and some comp tracks. Twenty six songs in all that have been remastered from the orig analog tapes. This shit does NOT suck, and its definitely not for the weak.  The packaging is over the top and stunningly beautiful. This is a gatefold that I can’t even bring myself to open because I like the shrink and “hype” sticker on the cover that much… so yeah  I haven’t even seen the inside of the gatefold yet.  For right now I’m pretty content with just plowing through the 24 page booklet. It’s beautifully put together.   

Pretty much anything Radio Raheem touches reeks of originality and beauty.  Their reissues are done in a superior and concise way. Don’t sleep on this or you may regret it.(NW)

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Justin Dratson: JD   Nate Wilson: NW   Matt Average: MA

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